Ebony Tears
All about nothing

Ebony Tears are from Finland.

One of their albums is called ‘A Handful Of Nothing’ and depicts a hand outstretched to show a handful of nothing.

Billy Preston, a man with a big Afro hairdo who plays a soulful kind of music, once sang ‘Nothing from nothing leaves nothing/You gotta have something’.

My point being as redundant as what Ebony Tears are going on about: Nothing.

Let’s take that one step further and address these Swedish purveyors of True Melodic Death Metal, as the band Ebony Tears are billed.

Almost the whole Melodic Death Metal subgenre is a misnomer. It should be more truthfully called Atmospheric and/or Symphonic Death Metal.

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Ebony Tears’ ‘Moonlight’ from 1998’s ‘Tortura Insomniac’ album begins with Israeli sounding violins and proceeds into the ugliest Deathrash I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing.

The Ben Mink-like violin comes back in later in the song after an awkward breakdown, being more suited to a Gothic Celtic Loreena Mckennitt New Age album.

Ebony Tears are a clumsy, awkward proposition for the discerning Heavy Metal person.

Ebony Tears don’t know the first thing about atmosphere on their albums.

You need to get a hold of a band named Graveworm‘s albums.

Graveworm uses Brutal Death Metal vocals against a dense wall of symphonic sound played at Mach 10 speed.

Ebony Tears will make you very depressed.

Plus, who could like a band whose initials are E.T.

E.T. phone home and take your Ebony Tears albums with you.

– Rich Castle