FalkenbachCould you handle a Viking/Black Metal version of Ted Nugent’s Amboy Dukes‘ ‘Journey to the Center of the Mind’?

That is exactly what Falkenbach‘ rune-encrusted ‘Into The Ardent Awaited Land’ from their ‘En Their Medh Riki Fara’ opus is akin to.

Elsewhere Falkenbach howls hopelessly at the moon; the corpse-painted ones of Immortal and Satyricon do this stuff right.

Pathetic attempts at Bathory comes off as mere Celtic perversion.

Yes, Falkenbach are all over the map in the course of a single longplayer.

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Five albums later in the year 2011, and’Where His Ravens Fly’, from the ‘Tiurida’ LP strides along as Falkenbach try to dupe those who never heard Bathory’s ‘Blood Fire Death’ 1988 album, on Black Mark Productions into believing that this is real Heathen Metal. Not to worry as these inane epic tales of barbarism and Norse mythology by this neo-tribal Germanic band don’t hold water.

Falkenbach have been eclipsed by the band known as Battlelore. Battlelore hail from Finland, no less.

All Falkenbach can lay claim to is being tops in the False Epic Metal tower.

Complete Dunkopfs.

Falkenbach make me thirsty for Schnapps.

– Rich Castle