Lovers of Teutonic Power/Speed/Thrash Metal powerhouses like Kai Hansen’s Gamma Ray, Helloween and Blind Guardian beware.

HeavenlyHeavenly is the muenster cheese of Germanic Metal.

Frivolous, nondescript over the top numbers like ‘Carry Your Heart’, ‘Fairytale/My Turn Will Come’ and ‘Number One’ make up the limp-wristed debut LP from the year 2000 called ‘Coming From The Sky’.

Brilliant musicianship and splendid singing don’t always necessarily a good album make.

I guess if I toked up and banged my head like an idiot to track 9, ‘Until I Die’, from this ‘Coming From The Sky’ opus; I could grin like a jackass and pretend I didn’t hear the hysterically overblown vocals at the end of this track.

The CD booklet folds out to reveal a four panel, blue hued painting of a beautiful woman sporting angel’s wings.


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Five albums down the line and we have the ‘Carpe Diem’ LP by Heavenly that continues
the Cornball Metal.

The newest CD  cover depicts two scantily clad women, one who is a blonde and
one who is has black hair, and so close is the proximity of their lips to each other as
to suggest lesbian activity.

Pass the barf pan, please.

– Rich Castle