Saying that Mystrez can be described as a cross between Hades and, say, Riot or Evergrey is to give you some idea of the music found on ‘The Indictment’.

Clickity clackity clicking bass drums and boring Bass guitar for this bar-band-on-a-good-day just doesn’t cut it.

Whoever dubbed this Progressive Thrash didn’t have the albums like I do.

The abstract cover art for ‘The Indictment’ is a decent piece of artwork.

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All the great artwork in the world, though, will not redeem Mystrez’ music.

Mystrez needed to do what Anvil did and write a Heavy Metal anthem like ‘Metal On Metal’, or something.

‘Mock Soldiers Of Distress’ is perhaps the worst excuse for a Heavy Metal tune that I ever heard in my life.

Maybe the Metal subgenre of Mock Metal can be created. Or perhaps False Face Metal.

Mystrez made a second album: ‘Out of the Blue’ from 1999 should’ve stayed there.

– Rich Castle