Horse LipsWith a simpleton rhythm section and a cool guitarist (yep!), Horslips made some of the most useless ’70’s prototype Heavy Metal music on this green Earth.

Everything with Horslips is akin to the mad scientist who keeps on experimenting while the hair in his nose and ears grows in an unruly, unkempt fashion. “Sure The Boy Is Green” is a Jethro Tull like ripoff complete with what sounds like the loopy Ian Anderson of J.T., himself. You can find this, (though you shouldn’t), on the “Horslips Collection” album.

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The crosses that adorn the album cover come from a dreadful graveyard, no doubt.


What can only be compared to Focus‘s lousy “Hamburger Concerto” is as old and crusty as what Horslips are calling “The Clergy’s Lamentation”. Jeez.

“The Book Of Invasions: A Celtic Symphony” is more godawful stuff by this brainy bunch of musos.

You must be seriously f*cked in the head to listen to the mighty Horslips play, much
less buy their utterly pointless recorded material.

And don’t anyone dare give me the “yeah, but I’m of Celtic heritage” bullsh*t.

I’d rather kiss a leprechaun any day than be subjected to this claptrap.

Horslips easily get the number three spot on this list.

– Rich Castle