Lady Gaga Without Makeup?
Lady Gaga Without Makeup?

Infern0kse – Is that Lady Gaga without makeup on the cover of Dark Delicious by the creators of Dark Psy?

The scenery to this music looks like this: A space alien sex club where Trysexuals, they’ll try anything once, do what they gotta do with each other as burping disco beats with Porno Grindgore breakdowns fill the hallowed hall.

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A disco ball with the biohazard symbol that signifies purulent hospital waste shimmies above the gawking crowd full of bizarre conformities of abominable desolation.

Critical Selection are the musical outfit that after mating broke into two projects:

Farshmashine and Infern0kse.

Hopefully when the last great war begins and the Earth is destroyed, Infern0kse will also be completely annihilated.

– Rich Castle