Bongripper – ‘Satan Worshipping Doom’ this band touts themselves.


Doom Metal from Chicago, Illinois, that is the most absurd musical outfit to bow down at the mighty Black Sabbath altar of Tony, Ozzy, Geezer and Bill, ever.

The extreme scene of Stoner Doom has it’s penultimate band in Bongripper.

Forget Electric Wizard and Sheavy.

Forget the vocal warbles that define the we’re-so-serious Cathedral or the we’re so holy fellow Chicagoans Trouble.

This is sludge Doom central.

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‘Hate Ashbury’ and ‘Heroin’ are some of the latest albums of this band. Do I like all this bashing, crashing cymbal slashing insanity?


Bongripper have no idea what a song is.

Their monkey brains seem to have Black Sabbath’s Volume Four in an endless loop that is only stopped by a nice shrink doctor’s thorazine injection, which I hope is coming soon for these hopeless Aholes.

Oh, and where’s the vocals?

Imagine the great Tony Iommi playing the riff to ‘Paranoid’ fifty times too slow, fifty times in a row, while Ozzy Osbourne sits in the corner bound and gagged with duct tape over his mouth.

If you are happen to be smiling as you imagine this scenario then I recommend that you go out and shoot up a few bags of heroin; throw on a Bongripper album and reach for that pitiful piece of sh*t guitar that you have collecting dust in the corner; the one with the one string and plug it into your hooptey car battery and burn for all I care.

Sabbath  *^&$#

Yeah right.

– Rich Castle