The press release from these Spinefarm Records recording artists read:

‘No longer mourn for me when I am dead’- William Shakespeare.

The reverend is dead. Long live the reverend.

Reverend Bizarre
Reverend Bizarre

Reverend Bizarre have done for the Heavy Metal subsubgenre hereby to be known as Black Sabbath Worship Metal what no other band in this sub field could do.

And that is, make me not like something that sounds like my favorite Heavy Metal band of all time, Black Sabbath.

One of the band members has the audacity to wear a Cirith Ungol shirt while the band expects to be known alongside Doom Metal heroes like Saint Vitus, Sleep, Sheavy, Pentagram (U.S.), and Candlemass.

The ‘So Long Suckers’ LP features nonsense like ‘They Used Dark Forces/Teutonic Witch’ which have parts in the music that sound like an old phonograph needle stuck in the groove of a record that repeats over and over.

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‘Demons Annoying Me’ gives away, by the title of it alone, the mental instability Reverend Bizarre subject listeners to in the name of Black Sabbath.


Give me a break.

‘Kundalini Arisen’ is another clunker by Reverend NoGood.

The vocals are a tenth rate Cirith Ungol copy meets Opera’s Mario Lanza with a lollipop caught in his throat.

The only thing I can think of that is worse than bad Black Sabbath-alike bands is Tony Iommi’s solo album under the monicker Iommi, from 2000.

Mr. Iommi had a tune on that album called ‘Flame On’.

Well, as for Reverend Bizarre – – Flame off.

– Rich Castle