Trapeze – A proto Heavy Metal, hard rocking band, from the U.K., that formed in  1969 and featured Bob Kendrick and Pete Wright on guitars.

If these names don’t ring a bell in your head as being rock guitar God legends; It’s because they sure aren’t.

A ratty guitar sound and lead solos squeezed out of a cheese grater made albums like ‘HotWire’ as bad sounding as the album cover artwork.

While Montrose and Eric Clapton’s Cream were crankin’ it out, Trapeze eeked out ‘Loser’
from the 1972 ‘You Are The Music…We’re Just The Band’ opus.

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Even Glenn Hughes‘ involvement in Trapeze couldn’t save these losers who disappeared somewhere in the late 1970’s tie-dyed post acid-fallout days.

Does anyone remember the crowd favorites- ‘Dat’s It’ and ‘Good Love’?

Didn’t think so.

That’s it.

– Rich Castle