From Des Moines, Iowa; no worst Heavy Metal bands list is complete without the inclusion of Slipknot.

So here they is.

Slipknot - Bandits with Clown Masks
Slipknot – Bandits with Clown Masks

Looking like a bunch of bandits with clown masks on about to pull off a heist these no talent musician thugs have opted instead to steal the lunch money of naive teenagers the world over who buy up posters, albums, lunchboxes and concert tickets of their  favorite Heavy Metal band Slipknot.

Kids did the same thing in the 1970’s with their larger than life, globetrotting heroes Kiss.

Kiss wrote cool hard rock Heavy Metal tunes that were direct, simple and chock full of rock star attitude.

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Slipknot are malevolent and maliciously scary.

Kiss would never ever make an album entitled ‘All Hope Is Gone’ as Slipknot has recently.

The aesthetics of Hardcore mixed with Crossover Heavy Metal is the template for

All these guys want to do is make a very unmusical racket.

Grossly overrated, you are much better off with the band Gwar.

Please check out Gwar.

Slipknot are uncool.

And while I am at it, why is it such a pleasant pastime to sit in front of the TV screen and play military games where you kill people in graphic detail.

When I was a kid I played with toy soldiers and I cut every one of their heads off.

So yeah, umm, I digress.

Back to Slipknot:

Don’t hate these morons.

Ignore them.

– Rich Castle