At around the same time that Slayer released their first strike with ‘Show No Mercy’ whereabouts 1983, a band by the name of San Antonio Slayer would miss the boat completely.

S.A. Slayer
S.A. Slayer

S.A. Slayer elected to play Satanic Power Metal and put out some of the most dreadful material in the history of Heavy Metal.

There name is utter blasphemy.

Their singer sounded like his gonads were caught in a vise.

The songs were squalid, tepid tripe.

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Even if you worship the dark Lord you won’t like these guys. I guess they got to live out their Heavy Metal fantasies.

Go ask a Ouija board if you can make all S.A. Slayer albums on this planet go poof!

And disappear.

– Rich Castle