It's all about the chicken
It’s all about the chicken

What happens when a band can’t play their instruments and play too fast, scream way too stupidly and then record themselves fairly well and sell it as a record with ‘nice’ artwork?

Answer: They’re Chicken Destroy!

There used to be a take out place that my family used to order from when I was
very young. Their name was Chicken Delight. A lot of grease and horrible tasting
dry french fries. Why am I talking about take out food? Because this band that
supposedly talks about how needless it is for animals to have to suffer because
us humans have to eat them has decided to make records calling themselves Chicken Destroy.

They wear Anthrax T-shirts and love Thrash Metal, may I add.

Hey everybody, I have an idea:

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Let’s all pick the lint out of our navels and send it to an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Hey, anything beats Chicken Destroy.

Wait! Stop the presses.

Now I remember it: The jingle to Chicken Delight:

‘Don’t cook tonight call Chicken Delight’.


– Rich Castle