Indestructible Noise Command
Indestructible Noise Command

I.N.C.- Known to insiders as Indestructible Noise Command, this Connecticut noisy Thrash Metal band released ‘Razorback’, their debut LP in 1987 and it’s follow up ‘The Visitor’ LP in 1988.

These guys must have spent many a drug fueled night staring up at the stars from their rich kid homes in Bridgeport Connecticut, where they started to believe that they were possessed by space aliens from another planet.

Their albums reflect this ridiculous past-time of theirs.

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Older and uglier and still doing their tuneless music, I.N.C. have returned to experiment on us some more with their mixture of hardcore and trash on ‘Bleed The Line’, a 2010 EP.

I have to ask a question at this point in The Top 50 Worst Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time list:

How come what is dead doesn’t stay dead when it comes to Heavy Metal?

– Rich Castle