Blood Money
Blood Money

Blood Money Looking fruitier than Mr. Thunderstick, the drummer of N.W.O.B.H.M.
(New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) act Samson, wearing his infamous S&M leather
headwrap mask thingy is the metal and spikes-clad Blood Money from Great Britain.

‘Taking the pi*s’ as the bloody England dwelling person would say; the British version
of Spinal Tap had two albums released on Ebony Records called “Red, Raw and
Bleeding” 1986 LP, and “Battlescarred” 1987 LP.

The difference between Blood Money and Spinal Tap, though, is that nobody was laughing.

Blood Money seem like they just formed so they could get some loose, crack or heroin addicted females over to the band’s rehearsal pad.

“Red, Raw and Bleeding”‘s album cover, first off, looks like a bunch of sheets of toilet
paper after a person has bled onto them from a finger cut. Besides the blood stains
there is a bloody chainsaw drawn up in pretty stupid fashion.

Blood Money play boneheaded, nonsense Heavy Metal. The darn guitar solos will make you reach for the aspirin bottle.

Check out their song titles: “Death Heavy”, “Metalyzed”, “Stormer”; I could go on but
you get the drift.

This band is Metal Crap. One of the members of Blood Money went on
to form a death/doom Metal project called Xanthoma. Yuck.

Note:Blood Money also have the distinction of  Worst Heavy Metal song title ever invented “Taras Bulba”. ‘Nuff said.

– Rich Castle