There is nothing worse than a show off who has nothing to show off:

Titan Force
Titan Force

Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin is the lead singer of Titan Force from Colorado Springs,

A run of the mill Metal band with an ego tripping frontman.

You may have heard ‘The Tyrant’ sing for these only marginally better units: Jag Panzer, Satan’s Host, Riot and Ballistic.

Titan Force released two studio efforts on Shark Records: ‘Titan Force’- 1989 LP
and ‘Winner/Loser’ – 1991 LP.

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Fast forward to 2001 and Shark Records releases a false best of Titan Force
compilation with the clumsy title of ‘All What It Is’.

And what it is, is an attempt to to sell the music on the two lousy old Titan Force albums by taking half of one album and half of the other album and putting them together. What a rip-off.

Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin loves to sing out of tune and he is so busy trying to
look like Robert Plant so he can have his lemons squeezed that he is just pitiful.

Here is a man who even sold his soul to the devil by fronting Satan’s Host, a
pathetic excuse for a Black Metal/Power Metal band that has released
albums with the formula that power + purity = perfection.

All this plastic baloney that this Harry Conklin guy is associated with is enough
to make me hurl.

– Rich Castle