These Finnish Black Metallers thought of a very evil scheme.

They would get signed to a label and make an album and the album would sound like boring tenth rate early Bathory without the catchiness.

So two decades later they keep repeating this feat. Except that their albums sound like boring tenth rate early ‘The True’ Mayhem, from Norway.

Ugly as the devil’s butt is how I describe Beherit’s music.

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And just to change things up a little their music would get weird in an annoying, what-the-f*ck-is-this? kinda way.

‘Drawing Down The Moon’ has to be one of the Black Metal genre’s worst albums of all time.

Maybe while these retards are outside running around their houses by the North Pole celebrating the Winter Solstice or whatever superfictitious holiday Satanists celebrate; they will be abducted by aliens and never heard from again.

– Rich Castle