Finnish no-gooders who have band member affiliations with Archgoat and Pus, notorious in the tape trading Extreme Metal underground.

‘Raped By Elephants’ is Torsof*ck’s claim to fame.

And the vocalist sounds like an elephant rape’s victim.

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Goregiastic Records loved this gimmick and signed these Brutal gore/porno
grinders to their label.

Torsof*ck released their ‘Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy’ LP in 2004.

Gorguts, Grave, Haemorrhage (Spain), Cock & Ball Torture, Blood, Carcass & Guttural Secrete are bands that do Death Metal and it’s subgenres like Goregrind really well, Torsof*ck don’t.

Completely perverse and completely boring. An imitation
of the real thing.

– Rich Castle