An obscenely bad band logo with certain letters that look like those nasty photos of what microbial bacteria look like greet us on the”Winter Kill” 1985 debut LP by this Chicago, ill-noise(!) bunch.

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Slauter Xstroyes
Slauter Xstroyes

So faceless is this band’s music that you will have a better time picking your nose than listening to their recorded material.

Is it Heavy Metal?

Yes. But so what? It sux.

Their second album from 1999 is called “Free The Beast” and it earned them the number one spot as the worst heavy metal band of all time as they had to come back again to punish the world with their so-called Epic Cult Metal; which should be translated as being
Boring Deservedly Unknown Faceless Metal.

This is the best example of a band whose albums you most likely to see in a record shop and take a chance on and waste your money on.

Here’s a sample of their song titles: “Metal’s No Sin” – only a guilty conscious could produce a title like this.

“NSZ190”- how about $@#%.

– Rich Castle