Brutal Truth13. Brutal TruthNew York CityDan Lilker, a restless wandering soul akin to Lord Petrus Steele late of Carnivore/T.O.N., also from New York City, wasn’t content to play Speed and Thrash Metal with Nuclear Assault the rest of his career.

Thus Lilker formed Brutal Truth, a trusty American Grindcore proposition with the accent on throwing in as much Hardcore Punk into the mix that Grindcore could allow.

What Lilker ended up doing was expanding the limits of the commonly held assertions of what Grindcore should be all about.

New York City has it’s own roughness hewn into the musicians that come from these mean streets, and Lilker is no different in this respect.

An interesting aspect of Brutal Truth is that they have helped out countless bands by doing ‘split’ records.

Bands that Brutal Truth have split things with through the years are Spazz, Rupture, Converge, Melvins – who are a heavy influence on Lilker and his boys of B.T., Violent Society, and Narcosis.

1992’s ‘Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses‘, the debut Brutal Truth record, musically lives up to it’s wordy album title.

Amazingly, proving that in Heavy Metal at least  the dead do come back to life, as can be witnessed by the first Brutal Truth album in twelve years after 1997’s seemingly last for the band, the quite mediocre B.T. album in the form of  ‘Sounds of the Animal Kingdom‘ comes the 2009  comeback ‘Evolution Through Revolution‘ album.

Brutal Truth like Hellwitch, Onslaught and a host of Metal others, just can’t stay dead. On an interesting note, even Pete Steele‘s mob is holding out calling it quits and their leader is truly deceased. I guess you just gotta love this thing we call Heavy Metal, huh?

– Rich Castle

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